insurance company

If you are in the military, then you know there are about a million different plans you can choose from to have access to pretty good healthcare.  I don’t know about anyone else, but at least for me, the Affordable Care Act did not materially change anything.  I guess because we had the option of sticking with the provider we already had.

So I have GEHA in the States.  They are okay. I think they tried to cheat me once last year.  What happened was that when I moved to Philadelphia, I was told I needed new insurance cards, so when they arrived, I tore up the old ones and tossed them–so I wouldn’t get them mixed up.  Fast forward to Winter 2015 and after I found out I got the job, I had to get a physical, bloodwork, the whole nine.  Well the doctor’s office sent the bloodwork to the wrong lab and GEHA tried to tell me it was my fault.  So after about 6 phone calls and two letters, they finally coughed up some cash and paid a portion of the claim.

It left a bad taste, but I’m not bitter.  Bygones…

Well it turns out that GEHA is one of the companies that will insure you while you are overseas.  I know that active duty service members have Tri-Care, but as a civilian, I don’t have that.  So I was happy to know that I could keep GEHA (stick with the devil you know and all that…)

I called GEHA and gave them my new address and they told me that whenever I go to a doctor for care, whether it’s an Italian or American provider, that I can submit the claim online, and it will be taken care of.

NOTE:  You definitely want to double-check and be sure that your insurance will cover you for overseas care–medical/dental/eyecare.

Getting stuck with a fat bill after you get a root canal is just adding insult to injury.