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The really great thing about setting your expectations really low is that there is no surprise when they are met.  I mentioned yesterday that I didn’t have much faith in Telecom’s customer service.  And they didn’t disappoint.  The tech came at 2pm today, pulled out a device, plugged it into the wall, and left saying she’d return in an hour.  She came back after about 75 minutes, said the phone line was working and gave me the number.  She looked like she was packing up to go so I hurriedly unwrapped the modem/router and asked how to set it up.  She did tell me which cord went where before saying the instructions were either on the driver CD or in the package.

After she was gone, I took a deep breath, said a prayer for grace and techie smarts, and set about trying to connect to the internet.

The simple thing to do (and yes, I thought of this) is to click on the network icon on the taskbar and see if the new service’s name popped up.  Bingo!  It did.  Then it asked for the security key.  For you non-techies, that would be the password.  Well that’s where I hit a brick wall. I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Not on the box, or on the modem itself, or a quick search through the various pieces of paper inside the box.  I finally settled in to read the quick-start guide cover-to-cover (the print of which is so tiny that I have to take off my glasses, hold the guide about 4 inches from my nose and squint.)  Forget waterboarding, when it comes to torture, this is the clear winner.

I read it twice and nothing jumped out at me. I mulled over possibilities and then it hit me:  Maybe what the quick-start guide called the “WPA Pre-Shared Key” was actually the “security key”?

Wonder of wonders, it worked!  Then the registration page came up…in Italian.  I muddled through it–mostly because I’ve no idea how to make a page English unless it’s already in google search and you can push the “translate” button.  I figured it was pretty standard stuff.  It wasn’t like I was going to be agreeing to give away state secrets.

Things were going well and I pushed the continue button only to get some exclamation points and angry red bolded letters (this, I thought, is what comes of trying to fake your way through a registration process).  For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what the problem was.

I finally had to resort to my handy-dandy satellite wireless gadget, fire it up, open an Italian to English translation page in google and copy and paste the sentences.  Turns out I had used some illegal characters in my password.  In my defense, there were several characters in the password explanation so I thought that meant I could use whichever one I wanted.  I guess not so much.

I sorted that out and rolled along.

I think I now have Telecom installed but I don’t know.  The next page instructed me to close the browser.  But I was loathe to do that until I finished this post and a little more research on some other topics.

So we’ll see.  Maybe tomorrow 🙂