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The whole idea of rations sounds so World War II–doesn’t it?

Anyway here’s the lowdown on how fuel rations work.  Once you get through the labrynthian obstacle course that is registering your car, you will be given paperwork that you will then take to the BX customer service counter-along with your car registration from Pass & Reg.  When you get up to the desk, they will do the calculations and tell you how many liters of gas you are eligible to purchase for your vehicle type.  Your allotment is for the month and the most you can get is 400 liters.  Just understand that your allotment is not based on where you live but on the size of your engine.

Then they will ask you how much you want to buy now.  I opted to purchase 100 liters worth of tickets for 92.00.  Then they will hand you a book of tickets that you take with you to selected gas stations (AGIP–or if you aren’t a reader, it’s the gas station with the six-legged fire-breathing dog in the logo.  I promise I’m not making that up.)


You’ll receive a packet of tickets that represent the number of liters of gas that you can get.  They are in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20.

The easiest way to do it is to figure out how many liters your tank needs.  My tank takes 8.5 gallons of gas.  So that’s about 30 liters.  What I do is fill up when my tank is at the half mark.  That way I can roll up and say I want 16 liters and I know my tank will be on full.

**When you get ready to use your tickets, you have to sign and date each one and write down your license plate number.

Bon voyage!!