La Dolce Vita :)

Hello, I am Miss A and pretty soon, I will be living in Italy!


I plan to make the most of my time there and travel as much as possible, eat fabulous food and just absorb the Italian experience.  Along the way, I want to share my experiences–good and bad in this blog.

There are several other blogs out there that are excellent sources of information.  And I hope to provide links very soon.  What sets mine apart is that I am a DoD civilian blogger who will be working at Aviano AB.  Most bloggers are spouses of their military husbands, or they are Americans who have moved to Italy and married Italians.

I plan to provide as much useful information as possible about what it took to make the transition overseas as a single woman, and all the myriad details that you will have to look forward too–should you find yourself in my shoes!

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